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Speaking & Training

Professor Baer has delivered hundreds of speeches and seminars across the world. Using an evidence-based management approach, he has helped organizations and senior leaders address some of their most vexing problems. Baer regularly speaks and conducts trainings on the following topics in English and German:


Formulating and Solving Complex Problems

How to design processes for tackling complex and strategic issues and doing it “right” the first time


The Creative EQUATION®

What drives human creativity and the learnable skills that anyone can adopt to become more creative


Designing and Leading Teams for Innovation

How set up and lead teams that succeed at delivering new breakthrough products and services


Organizational Culture

What culture norms support agility and innovation and how to nurture them in your teams and organization


The Principles of Human Motivation

The secret of human motivation, especially when people work in a distributed and remote way

Clientele & Audiences

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